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Dear Westhaven Residents,

The weather is warming up and the the pool will be open before we know it. Due to everyone working together, and within limitations, we were all able to enjoy a once in a lifetime summer last year.

This year, we'll be the back to the normal menu with slight adjustments. That's right, the paninis and salads are back! We will continue to accept cash and card for payment and ordering will be back at the normal window.

We look forward to another fantastic summer with all of you!

Health and Safety

For the past 5 years, we have scored a 100 on each of our health evaluations, and we are dedicated to maintaining that same diligent level of cleanliness. Each employee will have a mask and gloves for their full shift and we will have infrared thermometers to make sure our employees are working within health and safety guidelines. We also have plenty of sanitizer and disinfectants to keep surfaces wiped down at all times.


The peanut butter, as usual, will be kept on a different counter from the normal make line, with its own designated tools, containers, prep top, and cleaning utensils. However, there is always a slight chance of cross contamination and it is ultimately up to you to inform us of any food allergies when placing your order. This will allow us to ensure that we take all necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Caitlin Capaldi-Casper

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